Click here: One-on-One Acting Classes


Click here: One-on-One Acting Classes

from 34.00

$34 for children

$50 for adults

Each class session 1 hour

My child loves performance, but how can I help bring them out of their shell? 
How can I make memorization fun? 
How can I get out of my head and into the room when I'm acting in front of people?
How can I make something I have to repeat fresh and exciting?
How can I make my audition more powerful in the small window of time that I'm given?
How can I make my speeches more engaging to an audience?
I'm interested in acting, but what could I do to get better?

Join Michaela Watkins in her second partnership with JNSA, for fun individual sessions to boost confidence, ability and the understanding needed to find
greater success in acting. We'll work to answer your questions, find blocks getting in your way and widen your acting "tool kit" for better auditions,
performances, public speaking and interviews!

Refunds are not available once the booking is made.

Adult or Child:
Pay for your class

Michaela is an Augusta native and graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama. She is an east coast actor & artist working professionally in New York, and has privately coached middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults since 2012. She has worked in independent film, primetime television,  the New York stage and regional theatre over the past ten years.
Fortunate for the time to collaborate with JNSA, she's pleased to offer and share as much as she can with her hometown.

Upon signing up for classes an email will be sent to both the instructor and the school. We ask that you please indicate how many, what days, and also the times classes would work for you. If there happens to be a cancellation of classes an email will be sent from either parties involved.