Word of the Day; 2/13/18

Today’s Word of the Day for February 13th, 2018, is, “nuts.”


Pronunciation: (NUTS)


Definition: 1- enthusiastic, keen


2- insane, crazy


Part of Speech: adjective


Did You Know: It dates back to early-1900s slang like, “nuts for me,” and “nuts to me.”


Sentence: Jim is so nuts, he set a Guinness World Record for the amount of quarters he could put in his nose.          


th (1).jpeg

Word of the Day; 2/8/18

Today’s Word of the Day for February 8th, 2018, is “ embargo.”


Pronunciation: ( im-BAHR-goh)


Definition: 1- an order of a government prohibiting the departure of commercial ships from its ports

2- a legal prohibition on commerce

3- stoppage, impediment; especially : prohibition

4- an order by a common carrier or public regulatory agency prohibiting or restricting freight transportation


Part of Speech: noun


Did You Know: It derives from the Spanish word, “embargar”


Sentence: At one time, the United States established an embargo with Cuba.    


Word of the Day; 2/6/18

Today’s Word of the Day for February 6th, 2018, is “logomachy.”


Pronunciation: (loh-GAH-muh-kee)


Definition: 1- a dispute over or about words

2- a controversy marked by verbiage


Part of Speech: noun


Did You Know: Its Greek roots, “logos,” means “word” or “speech.”    


Sentence: Brian and I had a logomachy over who should go to the dance with Katie.  


Arguing (1).jpg

Word of the Day; 2/2/18

Today’s Word of the Day for February 2nd, 2018, is “divest.”


Pronunciation: (dye-VEST)


Part of speech: verb


Definition: 1a- to deprive or dispossess especially of property, authority, or title

b- to undress or strip especially of clothing, ornament, or equipment

c- rid, free

2- to take away from a person


Did You Know:  Divest is one of many English words that come from the Latin verb vestire ("to clothe") and ultimately from the noun vestis ("clothing, garment").


Sentence: My mother divested my phone from me.



Word of the Day; 1/31/18

Today’s Word of the Day for January 31st, 2018, is “irrupt.”


Pronunciation: (ih-RUPT)


Part of speech: verb


Definition: 1- to rush in forcibly or violently

2 - (of a natural population) to undergo a sudden upsurge in numbers especially when natural ecological balances and checks are disturbed

3 - to become active or violent especially suddenly : erupt


Did You Know: Irrupt and erupt existed side by side when the former entered the English language in the 1800s.


Sentence: The eager Christmas shoppers rushed into the stores, with no regard for the doormen and greeter’s well being.



Word of the Day; 1/29/18

Today’s Word of the Day for January 29th, 2018, is “anthropomorphic.”


Pronunciation: (an-thruh-puh-MOR-fik)


Part of speech: adjective


Definition: 1- described or thought of as having a human form or human attributes


2- ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things


Did You Know: derives from the Latin word, “anthropomorphus”


Sentence: My dog Rover was able to jump up and down on the trampoline without my assistance.



Adler Prism Pictures

A few days ago, our Photojournalism class did a little experimenting, and were introduced to a new way to take pictures. The new method the students tried is called “Adler prisms.” The style of taking pictures was invented by fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler. During one of her classes, a student Adler was working with created the mirror prism. She credits the student for both creating it, and showing her how to replicate the process. Setting up for taking photos with the Adler prism is pretty simple. Just tape three small mirrors in a triangular shape, and take a photo through the mirrors. Here is an example of the photo process.


Learning this information, photojournalism instructor, Sarah Pacetti, decided to try this inventive and creative way of taking pictures with the photojournalism crew. Ms. Pacetti, and the students cut pieces of cardboard into 6x6 inch squares. After this, the students began gluing mirrors on the cardboard squares. Here’s the end result….


It’s not the prettiest thing, but it got the job done. Now, here are a few student pictures taken with the makeshift Adler prisms.


(Student credits: Caleb Ard, Marco Robinson, and Jayla Redfield) 

Word of the Day; 1/25/18 (Re-Vamped)

Today’s Word of the Day for January 25th, 2018, is “mansuetude.”


Pronunciation: (MAN-swooh-tood)

Part of speech: noun

Definition: the quality or state of being gentle : meekness, tameness

Do You Know: the word derives from the Italian word, “mansuescere.”

Sentence: The lion tamer was once afraid of the mansuetude lion, but now gets along perfectly fine with it.



A Trip to the Tavern

Yesterday, the photojournalism class of JNSA decided to take a break from editing photos and finding new ways to take pictures, and took a trip to Book Tavern, across the street from the Broad St. YMCA. While there, the students took many beautiful pictures, and even played a little chess. The Book Tavern had many interesting pictures, and the managers really enjoyed our company. Here are a few great pictures of our visit.


Word of the Day; 1/24/18

Today’s Word of the Day for January 24th, 2018, is “contrite.” Contrite(KAHN-tytre) is an adjective, and it means, “feeling or showing sorrow and remorse for a sin or outcome.” Did you know A person who is contrite may have rubbed someone the wrong way and caused bruised feelings—and there is a hint about the origins of the word in that thought. Contrite came to English by way of Anglo-French from the Latin verb conterere, meaning "to grind" or "to bruise." Conterere, in turn, was formed by combining the prefix com-, meaning "with" or "together," and terere, "to rub." If you've guessed that trite is a cousin of contrite (through terere), you are correct. Other terere descendants in English include detriment and very possibly the familiar verb try. An example of the word used in a sentence is, "… York did in fact say he was sorry and was contrite about making that mistake."



Word of the Day; 1/22/18

Today’s Word of the Day for January 22nd, 2018, is “leonine.”  Leonine, (LEE-uh-nyne), is an adjective. Its definition is, “of, relating to, suggestive of, resembling a lion.” Did you know Leonine derives from Latin leo, meaning "lion," which in turn comes from Greek leōn? Leōn gave us an interesting range of words: leopard (which derives from leōn combined with pardos, a Greek word for a panther-like animal); dandelion(which came by way of the Anglo-French phrase dent de lion—literally, "lion's tooth"); and chameleon (which combines leōn with the Greek chamai, meaning "on the ground"); as well as the names Leo, Leon, and Leonard. But the dancer and gymnast leotard is not named for its wearer's cat-like movements. Rather, it was simply named after its inventor, Jules Leotard, a 19th-century French aerial gymnast. An example of the words use is, Jamie has a leonine aspect, with a high clear brow and soft curls eddying over his ears and along his collar. Information provided by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day)


Thoughts on Gratitude

I’m thankful for my mom. She’s taken amazing care of me even since before the day I was born. My mom gets up early and stays up late so that she can keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. I’m grateful that she makes so many sacrifices so that I can achieve my goals. My mom does so much for me and I’m so lucky to be her son.

The holiday that I look forward to the most is Christmas. It’s special to me because it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Another reason is that you get presents from your family and friends. It is also a time to give. The final reason why I love Christmas is Christmas parties. You get to see the family members that you don’t see too often, and there’s lots of food for you to eat until you can’t anymore!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Mycah Bowles

You know, the things I like most about Thanksgiving are the food, the meeting with my family, and the arguing. It is so funny to get together with my family and laugh about who’s going to make the turkey. Christmas! Don’t get me started on that, that is the best. The gifts that I receive from my loving family, especially my mom and my gramma. The love I receive from them is priceless, and I would never give that up for anything. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Marco Robinson

What I love most about Christmas is the holiday spirit. The aroma of happiness spreading like a joyful plague, the Christmas songs that always play in our heads on replay, and the movies that share people’s experiences with the season bring a smile to my face. Christmas is the time of year that everyone is at their best behavior, not wanting to get on Santa’s naughty list.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Kayla Jones

The thing that I love about Christmas is being able to give back and still get presents in return. I love seeing the happiness on my family’s face when they open their presents. I love seeing the happiness on the other kids' faces when they open their presents, and I also love listening to my favorite Christmas songs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Kimaiyah Wright

I am thankful for my family, friends, food, and a roof over my head. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love to talk and laugh when I am around them. I am thankful for a roof over my head because some people don’t have what I have, and they are living on the streets and hungry. Thanksgiving is the best time to go out and show your thanks to people and let them know how grateful you are. I always try to let somebody know that I am thankful for them and for what they do for me.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Tajiahna Abraham

The thing I enjoy most about Christmas is sitting at the table, telling jokes, and having fun. Another thing I enjoy is Christmas dinner with my family. I also enjoy seeing the look on my family members' faces when they open their Christmas gifts.                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Jayla Redfield

I’m thankful for my family. My family never lets me down, they always help me with my homework, and always help me keep up my grades. They help me find friends. They would never let me feel sad because they will cheer me up. They will never let me feel bad on holidays. My family will always give me a house to live in. They will give me food to eat, they would never let me be on the road with no food. My family might fight but I know that they still love each other. My family never lets me feel sad and they will never hurt anybody.

I’m also thankful for Christmas, because it is when all my family comes together. On Christmas everyone in my family is happy and all the kids are excited to see what they will get. All my family gets everybody something and they will not leave anybody out. When they don’t get what they want they are just happy for what they get.

                                -Michael Woomer

My favorite thing about Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ birthday. Last year I made my family sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. One of my favorite New Year’s is when me, my brother, and my uncle counted down the seconds tlo the New Year 3 years ago. Most people think Christmas is only about presents, but it’s not. Christmas is actually about the birth about Jesus Christ. Everyone’s family coming together is the second most important thing Christmas. The people at my school always talk about how many presents they’re going to get. I always say,”That’s nice. But what about celebrating Jesus’ birthday or spending time with your family.”  Then they say, “ I know, but my favorite part is opening my presents.”  I mean, I like opening my presents with my family, but everybody knows the real meaning of Christmas. A6 my school, we get a Christmas break that lasts 2 weeks. I like that it lasts 2 weeks because it gives me more time to worship Jesus Christ.. Whatever I get for Christmas,, I always thank Jesus Christ for blessing me with a roof over my head, food, and clothes to wear.

-Morgan Walker

JNSA Fall Art & Photography Exhibit


Yup, it’s that time of the year, again! It’s the Visual Arts & Photography 2017 Fall Showcase! On November 16, 2017, students from both respective classes will be exhibiting some of their best work. The showcase will last from 5:00 pm, to 7:00 pm. Dismissal will still be at 6:00 pm. Light refreshments will be provided. We hope you come by, and take the time to look at the artwork of many of our great young minds.


The Jessye Norman School of the Arts

OMG, there are so many parts.

Dance, Photo, Music, Drama, Art.

So much fun, it's off the charts.

Jessye Norman is the best,

if you don't believe us, ask the rest

When I found this school, I felt like a winner.

Made my heart so full, just like I ate dinner.


Dance, they're moving around like they are so advanced,

they put me in a trance. 

When I saw dance, I had to do it at first glance.


When I walked into art, that's when I knew I was smart

All these shapes and colours

It makes my heart flutter.


Photo is an art that no one knows.

It's so undiscovered and clear as gold.

Here a Jessye Norman, we see the art and capture it.

Come in and see our gallery show.


Drama expresses feelings. 

It shows care.

At JNSA, we care for one and another. 

Will you come and see our fall colours.


Music comes in all different varieties 

it makes you want to move and groove get 

your dance on and have fun music is for everyone.


Welcome to JNSA!

Welcome to the Jessye Norman School of the Arts! These words were officially said August 22, 2017. Ever since then, we’ve been brainstorming for ideas to bring you with this blog. These ideas consisted of having daily entrees of things that most likely won’t make it to the quarterly newsletter. These events so far are recent activities between students, new discoveries from classes, and many more random things that are exclusive to the blog. We’re working hard to build up this  page for everyone who would like to see the current and future events for JNSA. We hope you continue to check in on our blog, and see what we’re up to, and planning.