It's Finally Here!

This was originally announced about a month ago, but now it’s finally here!

Photojournalism student Dylan James’ long-awaited, dark fantasy story titled, “Universe 33” is finally complete. The story centers around a man named Timothy, and his friends Richard, Pxydilean the wizard, and Sunflower. These four are on a mission to end the reign of the evil wizard, Efopnair. The story includes interesting and introspective character development between the characters, for sometimes better or worse, a well thought out horror plot, and multiple twists that eventually affect the path of the story’s main characters, and this only one part of a major barrage of stories Dylan has planned. He worked really hard on this story for months, and we hope you take the time to read it, and see the talent he has for creating vivid images in the minds of the readers. (WARNING: This story includes non-explicit romance and violence and we suggest is recommended for readers age twelve and up.) 

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Note: Please be sure to read Part 1 first!