A Donation From a Special Someone

A mother of one of the Photojournalism students who works for the Sheriff’s Office put Jessye Norman in contention for being donated $2,500. JNSA ended up winning, and now the school has $2,500 to use to further the students education. Everybody involved in Jessye Norman would like to thank JNSA student parent, Lateisha Mosquera, for recommending the school as a possible donee. We would also like to thank Sheriff Roundtree, and the entire Sheriff’s Office for donating to our cause. Here’s a picture of Jessye Norman’s Executive Director, Gary Dennis, taking a picture with the Sheriff Roundtree, holding the $2,500 check. We truly appreciate all donations, no matter how big or small!


                                                                      -Copyrighter, Nasir Mosquera

Picture of Mr. Dennis and Mr. Roundtree.jpg