True Graffiti

I think graffiti is a serious issue in society. People are painting on the sides of buildings and trains. Those buildings and other things are other people’s property, and they’re disrespecting the owners. There are so many bad factors of graffiti that people think about since artists choose to paint in illegal places. It’s gained a bad reputation over the years but graffiti isn’t all bad.

When people paint graffiti seriously, it becomes something beautiful, and graffiti is a great way to express yourself. That’s why I think the government should create special areas for artists who want to show off their artwork. Organizations in Augusta are already trying to do this with the Art the Box project where local artists are being given permission to paint on electrical boxes around the city. I want to have things like that being done around the country. It would be great news for graffiti artists, and a great way to show society the true face of graffiti.


Mycah Bowles