Adler Prism Pictures

A few days ago, our Photojournalism class did a little experimenting, and were introduced to a new way to take pictures. The new method the students tried is called “Adler prisms.” The style of taking pictures was invented by fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler. During one of her classes, a student Adler was working with created the mirror prism. She credits the student for both creating it, and showing her how to replicate the process. Setting up for taking photos with the Adler prism is pretty simple. Just tape three small mirrors in a triangular shape, and take a photo through the mirrors. Here is an example of the photo process.


Learning this information, photojournalism instructor, Sarah Pacetti, decided to try this inventive and creative way of taking pictures with the photojournalism crew. Ms. Pacetti, and the students cut pieces of cardboard into 6x6 inch squares. After this, the students began gluing mirrors on the cardboard squares. Here’s the end result….


It’s not the prettiest thing, but it got the job done. Now, here are a few student pictures taken with the makeshift Adler prisms.


(Student credits: Caleb Ard, Marco Robinson, and Jayla Redfield)