The Jessye Norman School of the Arts

OMG, there are so many parts.

Dance, Photo, Music, Drama, Art.

So much fun, it's off the charts.

Jessye Norman is the best,

if you don't believe us, ask the rest

When I found this school, I felt like a winner.

Made my heart so full, just like I ate dinner.


Dance, they're moving around like they are so advanced,

they put me in a trance. 

When I saw dance, I had to do it at first glance.


When I walked into art, that's when I knew I was smart

All these shapes and colours

It makes my heart flutter.


Photo is an art that no one knows.

It's so undiscovered and clear as gold.

Here a Jessye Norman, we see the art and capture it.

Come in and see our gallery show.


Drama expresses feelings. 

It shows care.

At JNSA, we care for one and another. 

Will you come and see our fall colours.


Music comes in all different varieties 

it makes you want to move and groove get 

your dance on and have fun music is for everyone.