2015 KickstART Summer Camp

June Camp Roster  Congratulations!

(You will be mailed a contract and a liability waiver with return instructions.)

(July camp roster will be announced no later than June 6th.)

1 Willie Aiken
2 Arianna Anderson
3 Tyrese Anderson
4 Tayler Barnes
5 Nathon Barrett
6 De'Anya Bell
7 Destini Booker
8 David Brown
9 Nia Bunch
10 Christian Carter

11 Lauren Collins
12 Kailyn Cook
13 Christian  Cook
14 Sam Cunningham
15 Skylar Cunningham
16 Madison  Darling
17 Kennedy  Darling
18 Crystal Davis
19 Constance Dowdell
20 Kwaidan Duncan

21 Chandler Giallo
22 Davis Green
23 Stevi Green
24 Hong-Yu Guo
25 Devin James
26 Winston James
27 Jasmine Jones
28 Morgan Lee
29 Megan Lee
30 Tashara Love

31 Binta McCarther
32 Amaya McCarther
33 Asia McGee
34 Tejada Moment
35 Michael Neloms
36 Myles Neloms
37 Matthew Neloms
38 Samantha Phillips
39 Ed'Dasia  Scott 
40 madison simpson

41 Morgan  Taylor
42 Jacob vaughner
43 Jordan Wells
44 JaDin  West 
45 Mikeria White
46 Tyreina Williams
47 Haley Wilson
48 Jasmine Yancey
49 Alexandra Yu
50 Kamry Moment

51 Tanika Coriano
52 taylor brigham
53 McKenzie  Palmer 
54 maggie franklin
55 Aijalon Henderson
56 Eleece  Lowe
57 RuJean Verdree
58 Chelsea McAlpin
59 Jasmine Jarmon
60 Makayla McAlpin

61 Raven  Rhoney
62 Victoria  Wilson 
63 Essence Bostic
64 Anthony Dubois II
65 Leonard Walton
66 Anna Weaver
67 Fanta Kouyate
68 Gianna Hathaway
69 Alexandra Hathaway
70 Ameyia  Smalls

71 Cara Givens
72 Iyana Hughes
73 mikiak  noble
74 Zachary  Williams
75 Gabriel Tutt
76 DaiJhene Goodwin
77 Janae Murphy
78 Devyn Jolly
79 Jewellian Robinson
80 Faith  An

The Mission of the Jessye Norman School of the Arts is to develop students to become creative, caring, visionary, responsible citizens through the transformative power of the arts.  The broad-ranged fine arts program challenges students academically, integrates technology and lays the foundation for extraordinary life experiences.

The Jessye Norman School of the Arts is an after school program designed to develop and nurture the artistic and creative talents of students.  The School of the Arts serves the cultural and educational needs of these traditionally under-served youth by providing:

  • Free fine arts instruction
  • Academic Tutoring
  • An opportunity for advanced level study in dance, drama, music, art, and creative writing
  • Exposure to professionals working within the arts fields
  • Information on possible careers in the arts
  • Knowledge of technical aspects of presentation and performance

The Rachel Longstreet Foundation is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) foundation established in 2001. It is named for the youngest child buried in the original Fort Augusta cemetery, which is located on the grounds of what is now St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Rachel Longstreet died in 1790, at the age of 2 years, 4 months. Her father was one of the signers of the document of incorporation for Augusta.

The Rachel Longstreet Foundation founded the Jessye Norman School of the Arts, which opened in 2003, as part of its mission to enhance the educational, physical and cultural development of children in the Augusta area by providing quality arts, preschool and recreational opportunities, particularly for children who are economically or physically challenged.

* This program is supported in part by the Greater Augusta Arts Council through appropriations from the City of Augusta by the Georgia Council for the Arts, by a number of generous foundations, and by your contributions. Please consider supporting this free program.

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2nd Annual JNSA 5K - This year's theme is "Selfie Run"

The 2nd Annual JNSA 5K - Selfie Run is back on! Thanks to a highly motivated Jessye Norman Parents Association, the new date for the run is Saturday, May 2nd at 9am. We'll race right here from the school for 3.1 miles of fun in the Augusta, Georgia sun!



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