JNSA Window Project

JNSA's 8th Street Windows
JNSA's 8th Street Windows

JNSA Window Project



The theme for this project is: Rhythm.

Submit up to three pieces of two dimensional work that you believe best represents Rhythm, based on your own personal interpretation of the theme.

The work of four artists will be reviewed and one piece will be selected by well known, local artist, Jay Jacobs to be featured in large format on the school and to later participate in an end-of-year, four artist gallery show.

  • 3 month display of one selected piece in JNSA’s window-side view of 8th street, visible to the Augusta public.

  • A place in the 2018 Window Project Gallery Show.

  • Mentorship from Jay Jacobs in regards to how one prepares and displays a gallery show.

How to submit:

There is a submission fee of $20 per three pieces to cover the cost of printing.

  1. In the Quantity box below, select the number “1.” Each participant may only submit 3 pieces. Should you submit more than 3, only the first 3 entered will be considered.

  2. A form will ask you for your name and email. Please fill out this form completely or your submission may not be considered.

  3. Once you have completed the transaction and paid the fee, you will receive a receipt by email. The receipt will include an email to which you may submit your 3 pieces.

  4. Once you have sent your email submission, we will reply with an acknowledgment of your submission.

Should there be any delay in receiving your receipt email, please contact 706-828-7768.

The next piece will be selected in June!

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